Thursday, August 18, 2011

Few more summer paddling pics

In order:
-Sean Fraser on BlueFungus
-myself, Santa Cruz California
-Team Babine 2011
-Team Yukon
-Crossing border after run on Klahini River, Yukon
-East Boulder creek with Sean Fraser and Corey Boux (sean and corey rescuing Seans boat after his swim on DoubleDrop
-two fly muthas

Update from Canadian Northwest

Here i am scrambling to summarize all the paddling exploits of late. Included are a highwater trip with corey boux to smithers, some exploration in the Nass Valley with Jeremie Drouin, couple weeks of paddling in the Yukon, and a few gooders from Terrace BC. Ill just let the photos do the talking....

In order:

-Bear Glacier Falls first D
-Dogdish BC
-Bear Glacier
-Santa Cruz Plastic Pro Finals
-Veddy Creek Falls first D
-Granite Creek Falls