Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 Recap

Well here we are almost finished up with 2009, and I have not posted anything regarding recent adventures or happenings. To give a full report would take a while, so just a quick recap is in order.

During the past year I have found myself in all sorts of great places, spent time with many amazing people, paddled some incredible rivers and surfed some sweet breaks.

Some highlights from past year:
- Living and surfing in Mexico for 2 months
- A taste of whitewater in Guatemala
- 2 months of world-class whitewater kayaking in Terrace BC (77 runs in 62 days!)
- BIG WATER @ Butze Rapids, Prince Rupert BC
- DogDish sessions with the T-Town crew (you know who you are!)
- 14 day kayak circumnavigation of Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii
- Vancouver Aquarium presentation on Ocean Kayaking
- Big wave surf expedition to West Coast of Haida Gwaii
- Countless days of stellar surf at home breaks on Haida Gwaii!

Heres a few favorites from 09:

About to receive some punishment

DogDish, Kalum River (photo C.Roberts)

Big Northbeach Day (photo by North Beach Surf Shop)

Hawaii 5-0 (photo by C. Roberts)

Vedder Falls

DogDish day with Jeremey

A delicious WestCoast feed

Boat on Boat action

Typical day in Terrace

This is an oldie but still shows how hard the pops can rip (photo by Kris S.)