Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Northern BC Creeking: T Town

Photo: Jean-Francois Bisson

Every time I think this place can’t get any better, I get a full face-slap of awesomeness in the form of new and challenging whitewater. I am not sure what is harder these days, deciding which runs to do out of the large list of surrounding potential, or keeping myself motivated with my studies. Ill let you know when I find that balance, pass or fail....
I have been fortunate in having a solid group of Yukon residing Quebecois in town for the past couple weeks who are always up for boating. My lawn is littered with boats, tents and gear; wouldn’t have it any other way. This is perhaps a different story for my landlord... I am halfway through an Emergency Care practicum in an out of town hospital, so every day off I race back to Terrace to keep boating with these guys.
In the past two weeks we have covered all the classics around Terrace, as well as many not-so-classics. These include some higher than recommended runs of some out-of-the-way creeks, and a few park and hucks. The day before yesterday for example we spent almost 7hrs total of hiking for a first D of pretty remote creek. Turns out the water was mucho high, too much in fact to run the big boys which included a curling frothy crap-your-pants 50footer, and another beautiful clean 40 footer with technical class 5 lead up (at current river level). Both of these falls occur within a couple hundred yards of each other, and will be good to go when levels drop, mark my words. It is worth a mention that a few kilometers down river of those two falls is another 40-50 footer, but that one looks horrible and lands on rocks. Definitely more walking than boating on that trip, but is an example of what is to be discovered in ‘em hills with a little effort. Each of the runs shown in the following pics are each worthy of a write-up, but pictures will have to do for now as I am currently back to work.

Headed to Butze Rapids, Prince Rupert

Granite Creek
photo: d.schwartz

T-cup, Granite Creek

Kleanza Creek, a T-town classic

Put-in drop, Blue Fungus, East Boulder creek (low!)

Maintenance in Rockstar Canyon, Williams Creek

Guilluame running lead up rapid, which sets you up for the first major Rockstar drop

worth the work, Rockstar Canyon

2nd main drop in Rockstar

below Rockstar canyon

well worth the hike, Location X

all up in it, with Louis looking on - first drop on Khatada River
photo: Jean-Francois Bisson

Louis on Khatada, first drop

Last drop, Khatada
photo: Jean-Francois Bisson

Wesache falls
photo: Jean-Francois Bisson

Scissors beats Paper, Louis goes first and ops for the ol' paddle toss
photo: Jean-Francois Bisson

after Louis's little mishap, I decided to hang onto my paddle!
photo: Jean-Francois Bisson

Sam Drouin on a fluffy rockstar drop
All in all, pretty solid 2 weeks! Until next time..........

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