Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yes Please Kind Sir.

Checked out Zymagoetz river late last night and after a few big surfs at Roadside in near dark we decided that this wave took precedent over basically anything planned for today. Left at 630am and drove the 45min up a logging road to this beaut. We also hit up the section above and a big rapid at KM15. Their ain't just creeks up here!
I've also included a few choice visual nuggets from a session 2 weeks ago on Dogdish, another local wave.
samuel drouin, roadside attraction

photo:     s.drouin

photo:  s.drouin

photo:  j.timmerman

zymagoetz slide rapid

big f-off hole

photo: g.thibodeau

Until next time, from Terrace, BC......

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